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Fun Paint Colors and Themes to Consider for Your Child’s Bedroom

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Your interior painters can help you transform your child’s bedroom, helping to create a personal space that your child will love. According to Homesprig, once a room is painted, 88% of people surveyed reported a stronger desire to spend time at home. Let’s take a closer look at a few great color options for any child’s bedroom.

1. Choose a Theme

There are a number of great themes that are perfect for your child’s bedroom. From Noah’s Ark to Winnie the Pooh, choosing a theme is an effective way to create a special space that any child will love. Working with experienced interior painters offers the added advantage of working with a team that’s able to provide ideas for any part of your home that you’d like to paint. Your contractors are a great resource for design and color ideas!

2. Create a Color Palette Around Their Favorite

As children grow older, they want their rooms to reflect their own tastes. If your child is starting to complain that their room is too “baby” for them, a new paint job is an effective fix. With a color scheme that’s built around their favorite color, you’ll update their room to a more appropriate style. Using a color palette that’s centered around their favorite color, you’ll have more options. As a child grows older, their tastes will change. Opting for a range of colors allows you to make small changes, ensuring that they’ll have a bedroom style that grows with them.

3. Go Traditional

There are many colors that are traditional for children’s bedrooms. From pink and blue to pale yellow and mint green, there are a number of beautiful colors that are traditional for children’s bedrooms. If you want to maintain a more traditional color scheme, choose a shade that offers some versatility. Bubblegum pink might be great for a baby but might become too much as your child gets older. A good paint job should last a few years, a fact that’s important to bare in mind when you’re choosing your color. Traditional shades will look great for many years and you won’t need to worry about them being outgrown.

If it’s time to paint your child’s bedroom, Deanos Deluxe Painting is the interior painter to call. We’re proud to serve our state of MA and look forward to working with you. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate!

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