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5 Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Painting

cabinet refinishing

When you’re ready for a change in your kitchen but don’t want to experience the disruption that comes with a complete kitchen remodel, cabinet refinishing is a good choice. And if you’re completely renovating your kitchen and you’re mostly happy with your cabinets, painting or refinishing them can create the updated look that you want. According to IBISWorld, as of 2023, there are a reported 232,080 decorating contractors and house painting specialists in operation in the United States. This means that if you do your due diligence, you’ll be able to find a contractor that’s just right for the job. Here are five benefits of investing in cabinet refinishing or painting.

1. Your Kitchen Will Be Transformed

You probably don’t give your kitchen cabinets too much thought unless you’re actively planning a remodel. Many homeowners are surprised by just how much real estate their kitchen cabinets take up. They’re one of the main focal points of your kitchen, and changing them can give the room an entirely new look and feel. Updating your cabinets by refinishing them is an excellent way to transform your kitchen while keeping any disruption to a minimum. And when you switch out the hardware too, the effect is even more impactful.

For example, say you have wood cabinets that currently have a honey oak stain that you’re no longer excited about. By having your cabinets refurbished, you’re able to change the entire look of your kitchen. You can take the honey oak cabinets and stain them a deep cherry, or even paint them bright white. The possibilities are endless. If your cabinets are in great shape but look a bit dated, it makes a lot more sense to have them painted or stained rather than replace them. It’s easier than ever to enjoy a new look when you decide to transform your kitchen cabinets and give them a whole new look.

2. There’s a Lot Less Disruption Than a Replacement

Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be a serious undertaking. Rather than remove your current cabinets, you can choose to have them refaced or refinished. Refacing is when the cabinet doors are updated, as is the visible trim. In many cases, this work can be completed without removing the cabinets. When you don’t have to remove and then reinstall your cabinets, your remodeling project gets a lot more manageable! Anyone who’s looking for a way to give their kitchen a fresh look but doesn’t want to dedicate too much time to the project should consider cabinet refinishing to meet their needs.

If you’ve invested in custom cabinets, you understand how expensive and time-consuming it can be to design and install new cabinets. One of the best things about custom cabinets is that they’re built to last. This means that when they’re starting to look a bit old and faded, you can just give them a refresh. The other great thing about cabinet refinishing is that it allows homeowners to experiment with different colors and styles. This is a home improvement project that will nudge you out of your comfort zone to implement some new and unexpected design ideas.

3. It’s an Effective Way to Modernize the Look of Your Kitchen

Do you feel joy and excitement when you walk into your kitchen? Or does it just feel like the same old humdrum kitchen that you’ve been seeing for years? The kitchen is an important part of any house, and no one wants to spend time in a room that feels stale and dated. An effective way to give your kitchen a more modern look is to update the cabinets. There are a few kitchen types that lend themselves well to refinished and painted cabinets. You’ll be able to give the area a sleek new look and feel without having to completely redo the space.

Many people love white kitchens that are clean and modern. However, when you have bright white cabinets, it doesn’t take long for them to start showing some wear and tear. You might be surprised by just how much of a difference a new coat of paint can make. Dark, highly saturated colors are also popular for cabinets. You can choose a high gloss finish for a dramatic effect or go with a matte finish to give the bold colors a more subtle look. It’s time to get creative and discover new colors and stains to add to your home’s color palette.

4. Cabinet Refinishing Helps Save Resources

From an environmental standpoint, it’s always better to refurbish an item rather than replace it. The same holds true for kitchen cabinets. As long as your cabinets are still functioning properly, there’s often no real reason to replace them. Depending on their age and condition, the process can either be simple and pretty straightforward or a bit more complex. For older cabinets that aren’t in great shape, it can be worthwhile to have them removed from the wall to be worked on. They can be completely sanded, refinished, and reinstalled in a fraction of the time it would take to design and order new cabinets and then wait to have them delivered.

When you’re looking to refurbish older cabinets that need a bit more help, consider updating the hardware. You can order new hinges, pulls, and handles to further improve the cabinets. Pulls and handles are an effective way to give your cabinets an entirely new look. From classic ceramic knobs to brushed nickel contemporary handles, the hardware you choose will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your refinished kitchen cabinets.

5. You Can Create a Custom Look

When you choose to paint your cabinets, you can choose the paint color, the finish, and any custom looks that interest you. Many painted cabinets have texture added to their surfaces to give them a more unique design. If you want your cabinets to have this signature flair, talk to your contractor about the premium paint effects that they specialize in. This will give your kitchen an even more distinctive look and is worth the extra time that it takes. Check out some design sites for inspiration and talk to your cabinet specialist about the paint effect options that they offer.

Another way to give your newly refurbished cabinets a custom look is to add a few glass front doors. This is another straightforward way to update your kitchen without having to deal with a lot of disruption and expense. Glass front cabinets are elegant and also provide you with display options for your china, serving platters, or other decor items. Paint and stain aren’t the only two options available when it comes to updating your current cabinets. There are now specially formulated paints that are designed for cabinets, making this an even more attractive option. However you decide to update your cabinets, you can look forward to a transformed kitchen.

Deano’s Deluxe Painting is a full-service painting company that’s proud to serve the local area. When you’re ready to give your kitchen a new look, we can help with our cabinet refinishing and painting services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and the many benefits of cabinet refinishing over replacement. We’ll take a look at your cabinets and let you know if they’re a good candidate for refurbishment. Now’s an ideal time to find out more about this efficient service that can help keep your renovation budget in line! Schedule a consultation today to get started on your refurbishment project.

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