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4 Signs Your Home’s Exterior Needs to Be Repainted

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Are you contemplating if it’s time to repaint your home’s exterior? According to Better Homes and Gardens, homeowners should repaint their home’s exterior every five to ten years. But, what are the specific signs that tell you this professional service is needed? We’ve got the answers for you. Below, we’ve highlighted four signs a home needs to be repainted. Review this content and contact exterior painters to schedule this transforming project as soon as possible.

1. Peeling and Cracking

Damage such as peeling and cracking is a sign that your home has deteriorated from the weather. This includes elements such as snow, rain, and high winds. In addition to these issues being an eyesore and ruining curb appeal, they can lead to an unprotected exterior. The result of this lack of protection might be mildew and mold growth. Since these fungi require costly repairs, it’s best to get a new exterior paint job and mend the peeling and cracking issues.

2. Fading Colors

While you may have purchased and moved into a home with a fresh coat of paint, it’ll likely start to fade within a few years. This discoloration generally happens if a home’s exterior has exposure to intense amounts of sunlight. After hiring exterior painters, you’ll be able to rid your home of these issues and upgrade the look of your exterior tremendously.

3. Moisture Damage

If you have moisture damage on your home’s exterior, wiping it away with a rag or using a pressure washer might do the trick. If this is the case, the issue isn’t severe, and no other underlying problems are present. But, some mold and mildew stains need to be painted by professionals to rid a home exterior of these imperfections. If this is the reality of your home, talk with painters near you to learn the best course of action for addressing these moisture damages.

4. Outdated Aesthetics

With the coming and going of trends in the home design world, your house might have outdated aesthetics. In light of this, get a new exterior paint job that embraces these trending colors. Some popular choices include olive green, slate grey, navy blue, eggshell white, and taupe. When making the color decisions for your home’s exterior painting, it’s essential to consider the popular options and your own personal design preferences.

If your home has any of the issues listed above, it’s best to repaint the exterior. Anyone who is looking for exterior painters can get in touch with Deanos Deluxe Painting today to learn more.

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