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3 Trendy Colors to Consider Painting Your Living Room in 2023

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Professional interior painters will complete your painting project in record time. According to OpenDoor, you can expect about 107% return on your investment when you hire interior painters to manage your paint project. Of course, interior painters can manage the entire project effortlessly, but you will need to choose your colors. Here are the trendiest colors for the living room in 2023.

1. New and Improved Neutrals

Popular neutrals last year were grays, greens, and whites. This year’s neutrals are cinnamons, tans, and khakis. These ultra-neutral colors are the perfect backdrop for all types of décor styles. These colors are perfect for people that want a calm space where they can bring in elements to add the perfect amount of hue. These neutral colors will go great in any home, no matter the theme.

2. Warm Browns, Golds, and Reds

While the neutrals are hot, there is something to be said for the rich browns, golds, and reds. Whether you paint the entire space in one of the hot color trends or do an accent wall, you can’t go wrong with these three colors. These are the perfect earthy tones that can give any space the pop of color it needs. Sherwin Williams’s “Redend Point” is a blush beige and combines that light brown hue with a touch of red.

3. Green Hues Are Always Trending

Greens are not going anywhere. There is a wide range of green hues to choose from, and all of them are right on point when it comes to popularity. Small living areas can benefit from a light spring green, while large spaces can turn into rich sanctuaries with a deep jewel-toned forest green. It’s also a great shade for your home office.

These were just a few of the trending colors for 2023. Of course, when it comes to painting your home, you don’t have to choose the popular colors. You can go with the color that fits your space best. There are so many hues and shades to choose from and truly no right or wrong color. When you’re unsure about what color to choose, interior painters can help you decide. Call Deanos Delux Painting today to learn more and get a custom quote!

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